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Our charts have 5 mounting styles, and we have 2 chart stands that can be used to display our charts, described below. 


- Printed on high-quality, heavy paper. Get an unmounted chart if you are going to frame it, or if you just want to tape or tack it up on a wall. Our human anatomical charts measure 20”W x 26”H, and our animal anatomy charts are 26”W x 20”H. (Note: Unmounted charts cannot be displayed on the chart stands). 


- Flexible plastic 1.5 mil lamination with metal eyelets in each top corner for convenient wall hanging or for use with chart stands (shown below); markable (write-on/wipe-off). If you are going to put the chart on an office or classroom wall, this will hang nicely without curling at the edges. Also, the chart will easily roll up, if you want to carry it with you. Our most popular mounting. Our human anatomical charts measure 20”W x 26”H, and our animal anatomy charts are 26”W x 20”H. 


- Printed directly onto styrene, this durable plastic chart is approximately 1/16” thick and has metal eyelets in top corners for convenient wall hanging; markable (write-on/wipe-off). Styrene charts are UV coated, latex-free and feature bold and bright colors. The chart will remain upright on an easel for presentations and will stand up to heavy use in the office or classroom. Charts can be displayed with the Chart Merchandising Display (AN-RHW-20) and the chart stands (AN-9880 and AN-FDU2), shown below. Our human anatomical charts measure 19 3/4”W x 26”H, and our animal anatomy charts are 26”W x 19 3/4”H.




Made of durable, lightweight, non-toxic, recycleable plastic, with hole at the top for wall hanging. This 3 dimensional chart lets you feel the texture and form of the anatomical structures. Choose from 34 titles. Each chart measures 18" x 25". Chart will stand up on easel.




 - A lenticular is a printed image that shows depth and motion as your viewing angle changes. We use lenticular images in this chart to illustrate how structures change from a normal to a diseased state. 

Are you aware that we also sell a Portable Chart Stand and a Space-Saver Display? Click on either picture below to go right to the order page for that item! 




Lightweight, aluminum stand holds up to 25 laminated charts from adjustable floating rings. Charts flip up and over for convenient viewing. Weight of 8 Lbs., 28" X 53". Item #AN-9880. 


Hang up to 18 laminated poster size charts on nine steel arms that turn like pages of a book. Eye-level viewing. The 17" x 60" floor stand easily converts into a 17" x 30" tabletop unit. Assembled in minutes. Weight of 25 lbs. Item #AN-FDU2.



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