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Deluxe Cervical Model with Muscles and Nerves, Flexible

Deluxe Cervical Model with Muscles and Nerves is a....

Male Head Acupuncture Model

This soft PVC educational model depicts all impor....

Desk-top Ear Model

One piece representation of the outer, middle, an....

Lumbar Vertebrae w/ Sacrum & Coccyx Mini Size

Consisting of the 5 lumbar vertebrae with interve....

Cervical Vertebral Column with Neck Artery, Flexible

Consisted of occipital plate, the 7 cervical vert....

Larynx, Heart and Lung Model 7 parts

A life-size model separating into 7 parts. The lu....

Median Section of Head and Neck Model

This model shows all relevant structures of the h....

Giant Human Ear Model 6 parts

A giant model of the ear shows the three main str....

Lumbar Vertebrae Set 3 Part

Life-size 3-part lumbar vertebrae are shown with ....

Lumbar Vertebrae Set 2 Part

Life-size 2-part lumbar vertebrae are shown with ....



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