Price :
  • Model: AN-SK1000
  • Shipping Weight: 35lbs
  • Units in Stock : 100
  • Manufactured by: Anatomical Chart Company


Includes the following features:

Removable calvarium cap for neurocranial studies.

Mandible is spring-held and breakaway maxilla reveals paranasal sinuses supported by spring-mounted, detachable mandible.

Bones of one hand and foot on opposite sides articulated with springs for joint flexibility.

Skeleton disarticulates into 12 pieces.

Rolling metal stand included.

This deluxe reproduction is individually cast by hand from actual bone, in natural bone color. Only the most experienced observer can distinguish between natural bone and the SK1000. Unlike bone, however, this plastic model may be displayed and handled freely, with virtually no fear of damage. The SK1000 is rendered X-ray opaque by the addition of a special chemical filler during the casting process. If any bone should become lost or damaged, it can be replaced with another, precisely matched for size and shape. Height: 5' 4".


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